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Preliminary investigations

For certain Urological conditions it is useful to have some investigations done before patients present.

If you have the time to do so please consider the following tests for the accompanying conditions:

Routine bloods:  Please include FBC, U&Es with eGFR, LFTs, BSL, Coag profile.

Renal or Ureteric Calculi:

  • Routine bloods
  • Serum Calcium, Phosphate, Uric Acid, PTH
  • Non contrast Abdo CT (renal colic protocol)


  • Routine bloods
  • Urine cytology x 3
  • Urinary tract US or (if history of smoking) CT IVU

Lower urinary tract symptoms:

  • Routine bloods
  • Renal tract US
  • MSU results if UTIs

Urinary Tract Infections:

  • Routine bloods
  • Consider diabetic screening or check diabetic control
  • Urinary tract US
  • Copies of all MSU results in the past 12 months

Scrotal Masses:

  • Routine bloods
  • Scrotal US
  • Tumour markers (if there is a suggestion of tumour on US): Beta HCG, Alpha fetoprotein, LDH
  • If high suspicion of tumour (positive US and markers): Abdo-thoracic CT scan