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Female Urological Reconstructive Surgery

Unfortunately, even in the best of hands, operations may have complications. As the Chief Urologist at KEMH Women’s and Children’s hospital, Dr Jessica Yin specialises in the repair of Urinary tract injuries following surgery. This includes the repair of ureteric injuries, bladder injuries and fistulas that may occur after gynaecological surgery or caesarean delivery.

We are skilled at the diagnosis and management of such injuries and the long term follow up to prevent further problems.

We work closely with a skilled Subspecialist group of Gynaecologists and Paediatric surgeons to manage women born with congenital anomalies of the urinary or gynaecological systems especially during pregnancy and delivery.

The conditions we see regularly include:

  1. Gynaecological mesh complications
  2. Urethral diverticulae
  3. Urinary fistulae and incontinence
  4. Urinary leakage following Gynae-oncology surgery for Cervical or Uterine cancer
  5. Ureteric injury