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Video Urodynamics Explained

What is video-urodynamics?

Video urodynamics is a series of tests used to examine the function and activity of the bladder as it is filled with fluid. Radiology imaging equipment combined with sophisticated computer technology take images (pictures) of the bladder filling and emptying while pressure monitors record the pressure inside the bladder. Bladder muscle activity is also recorded. Videourodynamics assists in diagnosing the cause of your lower urinary tract symptoms.

Where will your video urodynamics take place?

Your procedure will take place at SKG Radiology at Hollywood Private Hospital. The procedure will be undertaken by Dr Jessica Yin and assisted by a nurse.

Preparation for your videourodynamics:

 If you are taking any MEDICATION for your bladder please CEASE 7 DAYS BEFORE YOUR TEST. Continue any antibiotics or Hiprex you may be taking. If you are unsure, please contact you’re GP or our rooms on 9389 1094. You do not need to fast for the procedure.  We encourage drinking extra fluid prior to the time of your procedure.  You will be asked to empty your bladder at the start of the test so do not empty beforehand.  You do not need to be "busting".

Arrival for your procedure:

Please arrive prior to your procedure time and allow approximately an hour in total for the procedure to be performed. When you arrive in the Radiology Department you will be asked to change into a gown and remove all your lower clothing.   A nurse will assist you with this.

During the procedure:

A thin catheter (tube) will be inserted gently into your urethra (the area you pass urine from) to fill your bladder. A pressure line (as fine as a piece of string) will be inserted alongside the catheter to measure bladder pressures.  A second fine pressure line will be gently inserted into your rectum (back passage) and this will remain in place for pressure measurements. Water will be run slowly into your bladder and you will be asked about the sensation you feel at different intervals. Once you are feeling a full bladder sensation you may be asked to cough/strain to prompt a leak.  The filling catheter is then removed, the lines stay in place and you will be allowed to empty your bladder. At the conclusion of the test you will be able to freshen up. The doctor or nurse will briefly discuss the results of the test with you.

After the procedure:

After the test you may have a sensation of needing to void more often. This sensation is caused by the insertion of the catheter and should settle within a day or two. Please continue to drink plenty of fluid for the remainder of the day, which will help to flush the bladder and assists in improving any irritation. Occasional light bleeding is not unusual.  Again drinking plenty of WATER will help this settle quickly. There is a very low risk of bladder infection with any bladder test.  If you feel an infection is developing please contact you’re GP or our rooms for advice/antibiotics.

Activity after your discharge:

You can return to your normal activities. You will be able to drive yourself to and from the procedure.